In the days that followed, Robb was everywhere and anywhere; riding at the head of the van with the Greatjon, scouting with Grey Wind, racing back to Robin Flint and the rearguard. Men said proudly that the Young Wolf was the first to rise each dawn and the last to sleep at night, but Catelyn wondered whether he was sleeping at all.

                                                        He grows as lean and hungry as his direwolf.

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comment s’appelle un chien qui vend des médicaments?

un pharmachien

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Harry - out in Kensington

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I’m really good at keeping secrets because five minutes later I forget what you told me because I don’t care

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“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When my womb quickens again, and I bear a living child. Then you will return, my sun-and-stars, and not before.”

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Andrew and Emma

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Bye, Rue.

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eight more posts in my queue…. 

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every movie should have bloopers

i don’t care if it’s schindler’s list i want bloopers

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“A kill shot like that over that distance from that sort of weapon, you’re looking for a crack shot but not just a marksman, his hands musn’t have shaken at all so clearly he’s acclimatised to violence. He didn’t fire until I was in immediate danger so obviously has a strong moral principle. You’re looking for someone probably with a history of military service and nerves of steel …”

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